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Streams Users Tea Garden

Hakone Gardens, a Japanese-style garden in California.

This is an unofficial, informal group for anyone interested in Streams (or other Fediverse servers developed from Streams code). We welcome regular users, instance administrators, or people who are just curious.

Streams, officially, is the name of a community-driven software repository for a public domain Fediverse server which has no name but which almost everyone calls Streams.

Support, officially, can be found in the Streams support group, in issues reported in the Streams repository, and in occasional public posts by Mike Macgirvin.

Streams Users Tea Garden is for less-formal discussion. For example...
  • "Here is how I'm using Streams in my daily life."
  • "Help me find the comment someone posted 3 months ago that explains this feature."
  • "My cat attacked someone's animated profile image and blocked him. Should I go with the cat's decision?"
  • "I have a friend who refuses to use any social media, so here's what I told them about Streams."
  • "I made a few changes in my settings, and I like the results. Here, have a look."
  • "I used to be on a Misskey instance, but I posted about adding milk and sugar to Hojicha tea and they kicked me out."
  • "I'm a brand-new Streams user and I don't understand any of this. Help!"
  • "People like me usually get harassed online. How should I use Streams features to minimize problems?"

International Tea Party, by Winslow Homer, circa 1867. Two American folks, two East Asian folks, and one dragon enjoy tea together.

There are rules, because not everybody is as nice a person as you are. :-) By participating in this group, you are agreeing to the following:

Basic Information

Streams Users Tea Garden is an unmoderated public group with limited Fediverse access, administered by me, @Bill Statler.

Participation in this group requires a Fediverse server that supports the Nomad or Zot6 protocols (Streams, Hubzilla, and other projects derived from them). This group does not federate via the ActivityPub protocol, which means that users from Mastodon etc will be unable to join. (Why? Because it's for Streams users! And because we want to use the full range of features available with Nomad/Zot6 servers.)

Public means that the posts in the group can be read by anyone on the Internet, even if they are not group members. Unmoderated means that I'm not screening every post, but I'll still boot you out the door if you act like an ass. For example:

  • Don't get me in legal trouble. Do not post material which may cause me to be arrested, investigated, sued, or otherwise threatened by lawyers, regulators, or law enforcement. Do not post "borderline-legal" content such as lolicon, copyrighted material in excess of US Fair Use limits, bomb recipes, etc.
  • Be courteous and tolerant. Try to not give offense, and try to not take offense. Take personal disagreements somewhere else. Or use the block and filter tools to limit what you see.
  • No politics unless it's something directly related to Streams and/or the Fediverse.

Legal Information

The server hosting this group (forum.statler.ws) operates under the laws and regulations of the United States of America and the State of Washington only. The server is physically located in the US. By participating in this group, you are voluntarily sending your information to a US server, and you understand that this server may forward it globally. In the event of any legal dispute, you, and I, agree to submit to the personal jurisdiction of a Washington State Court or an Eastern District of Washington US District Court located in Benton County, Washington.

I operate this group as a personal hobby, at no charge. It is not a business or commercial entity.

You may not participate in this group unless you are at least 13 years old.

You accept sole responsibility for any material that you post or upload to this group. If you are the copyright owner of material that you post to the group, you retain your copyright.