An avatar roaming the decentralised and federated 3-D virtual worlds based on OpenSimulator, a free and open-source server-side re-implementation of Second Life. Mostly talking about OpenSim, sometimes about other virtual worlds, occasionally about the Fediverse beyond Mastodon. No, the Fediverse is not only Mastodon.

Even if you see me on Mastodon, I'm not on Mastodon myself. I'm on Hubzilla which is neither a Mastodon instance nor a Mastodon fork. In fact, it's older and much more powerful than Mastodon. And it has always been connected to Mastodon.

I regularly write posts with way more than 500 characters. If that disturbs you, block me now, but don't complain. I'm not on Mastodon, I don't have a character limit here.

I rather give too many content warnings than too few. But I have absolutely no means of blanking out pictures for Mastodon users.

I always describe my images, no matter how long it takes. My posts with image descriptions tend to be my longest. Don't go looking for my image descriptions in the alt-text; they're always in the post text which is always hidden behind a content warning due to being over 500 characters long.

If you follow me, and I "follow" you back, I don't actually follow you and receive your posts. Unless you've got something to say that's interesting to me within the scope of this channel, or I know you from OpenSim, I block your posts. I only "follow" you back because Hubzilla requires me to do that to allow you to follow me. But I can read your comments and direct messages. If you boost a lot of uninteresting stuff, I'll block you boosts.

My "birthday" isn't my actual birthday but my rezday. My first avatar has been around since that day.

If you happen to know German, maybe my "homepage" is something for you, a blog which, much like this channel, is about OpenSim and generally virtual worlds.

#OpenSim #OpenSimulator #VirtualWorlds #Metaverse #SocialVR  #fedi22

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